Exypnos Consultoría | EXYPNOS
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About Us


Exypnos is a composed Greek word formed by ‘Ex’ – ‘Ypnos’ which means ‘Out’ – ‘Sleep’ or ‘Awake’, It’s the way the Greeks call Smart People.

We are a Team of Professionals passionate with the new value of IT + Cloud and how can be applied in your organization!

IT + Cloud

It’s our approach to Digital Transformation, we believe in the true democratization of technology to enable power users to perform beyond they’ve ever imagined.


We convert IT + Cloud into a valuable asset in your organization


By 2019 we want to be leading firm using AI to get the most of your IT + Cloud

Our Team

Adriana Cataño
Latam Business Development Manager

“You have to fight until reach your dreams. You have to make sacrifices and work hard to achieve it”. Lionel Messi

Percy Senosain
Socio – Director

“I’m entrepreneur by nature. I love what I do because first I think and later decide to do my work with passion and care”

Eder Franco Senosain
BI Analyst

“I love geek stuff and work with data… In that order”

Miguel Solano
IT Service Consultant

”I’m passionate about IT, I love to learn from great leaders and the way they think”

Cecilia Faúndez Gutiérrez
Project Manager

“Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean” – Ryunosuke Satoro

Pablo Rojo Lozano
IT Service Consultant

”The great change engine, the Technology” Alvin Toffler.

Karin González Alarcón
IT Asset Manager Consultant

“Rather than be affected by difficulties and failures, let them to inspire you” – Michelle Obama

Juan Carlos Cardenas Sánchez
Project Manager

“Life moves very quickly. If you don’t stop and look back, you might get lost”. Ferris Bueller

Work with us!

We are a consulting firm, we are dedicated to improve the performance of our customers by applying IT Asset Management Best Practices. We have offices in Bogota – Colombia and Santiago – Chile.

We are leading the Software Asset Management practice in Latam. Our work has been recognized because our professionalism, customer orientation and innovation.

Our Values

  • Integrity, we do what we said
  • Leadership by applying our own methodologies
  • Passion because we love what we do
  • Innovation because we always try to find better ways